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17th Oct 2013, 11:30 AM end.

hmmm i keep trying to think what to do with Mega Maiden and i just get blanks. i think im gonna pull the plug. I’m sure we’ll see teh girls again. but i think ive ran out of steam for her own solo book.  9 issues in. LOL im kinda bummed but it feels refreshing to come to this conclusion and just accept.

I’ll continue to post the issues that are complete over on tapastic but that’s the last you’ll see Megz and choppy’s duo comic stuff

im thinking maybe add them to a team book. im not really sure yet. but their solo adventures i think need to stop for a bit. if i ever get future ideas i could always make one-shots or mini-series for the girls. just not on going.


Realistically speaking let’s say this last issue was retconned. and the series ended when choppy and mega made up.


Sorry. <3

But please do drop by Tights! same city as Mega and Choppy and will start updating today.  Choppy made an appeance in the first page even!

10th Sep 2013, 10:49 AM still on hiatus but

so still on hiatus but choppy makes an appearance over in "Tights!"

18th Jul 2013, 6:03 AM spin off? sort of

new sister series to mega maiden has been launched takes plac ein same city and teh girls make a small cameo of sorts.... It's called I hate Superhumans!

check it out!

27th Jun 2013, 4:18 PM Mega Maiden And The Chop Chop Princess Vol.1

Written and Illustrated by Andeh Pinkard

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 122

After being online friends for a long time, Isis Cook moves across country to join up with Delaney Bell, to begin their fledgling superhero careers as Mega Maiden and The Chop Chop Princess! Together They take on the robot revolution, team up with super pros the Zero Guard, and tangle with mechas, and that is JUST THE BEGINNING!

Isis Cook and Delaney Bell met on the internets, with their shared love of punching crims and delivering justice, they now clean the streets on face at a time as Mega Maiden and the Chop Chop Princess

Mega Maiden and The Chop Chop Princess Vol.1 TM and © Andeh Pinkard. All rights Reserved.